This is a monthly journal of practice and research, written by Robert O’Toole. It concerns the design of educational things, and the sustainable development of individual and organisational design capabilities.

Education is a design-intensive activity. New technologies and the diversification of cultures have given us all many new possibilities in how we construct our activities, our tools and ourselves. To make the most of this, we need: methods for making design choices; awareness of the implications of design choices; ways of representing, communicating and evaluating design challenges and design ideas; and ultimately, a more sophisticated designerliness in how we work together.

A new edition will be published every month, covering: studies of designs in action; architecture and interior designs; learning technologies; innovative learning design patterns; participatory design; the psychology and sociology of designing; developing organisation-wide design and innovation cultures. The focus is on universities, but will also cover museums and other sectors where inspiration may be discovered.

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