Adopt a Class interactive presentation


I am helping with a project in our School of Modern Languages that will get Warwick students, on their year abroad in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, to create digital resources and activities to be used in schools teaching in Britain. Each of the students will “adopt a class”. But the intention is that they create resources that can be shared and used widely. Each student has a blog (in Warwick Blogs) in which they will create their resources (they also use the blog for documenting their year abroad experiences). They will create videos as well as H5P based interactive learning activities.

To support this I have made a tutorial in H5P with a series if short videos and some quizzes. It also uses some videos from other sources (via YouTube). This illustrates H5Ps potential as a wrapper of Open Educational Resources. Videos made for generic use (e.g. to illustrate a technique) can be wrapped in a H5P Course Presentation that contextualised them for a specific use (e.g. a course).

There will also be a Twitter feed showcasing the best of the students’ work (coming from a Facebook page). The feed will appear near the end of the tutorial. Here is the latest version. Best viewed full screen (use the icon at the bottom right of the presentation):

Dr Robert O'Toole NTF

Senior Teaching Fellow, Arts Faculty, University of Warwick. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, National Teaching Fellow, Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence.

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