The Extended Classroom at Warwick – one year on


The Extended Classroom is our way of making sense of technology enhanced learning for everyone in the campus-centric environment of Warwick University. The guiding principles are that TEL aims to sustain and amplify good teaching and learning practice, using technologies appropriately, with sustainable, scalable, supportable and enduring impact. I started work on this initiative in January 2015. We launched with a fortnight of events in March. And since then we have distributed over 800 sets of the 8 initial Extended Classroom technology cards – describing 7 core tools in plain English terms that get across the basics and the value they can add.

The approach is now well embedded. We are working with other parts of the University, especially the Learning and Development Centre, to take it further – now with the addition of “recipe for success” cards and online information. The recipes specify all the ingredients and the processes necessary to adopt a new technique (e.g. flipped classroom) using the tools. This is all being put together using a course/hub hybrid model in Moodle.

I’ve just created this video giving an updated overview of the initiative (best viewed full screen):



Dr Robert O'Toole NTF

Senior Teaching Fellow, Arts Faculty, University of Warwick. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, National Teaching Fellow, Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence.

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