Using a Catchbox mic to change the dynamic in a lecture


I used the new Catchbox mic (borrowed from our AV team) last week, and it was great. It is a soft throwable mic in a cube. This is now available for loan to all Warwick Uni teachers. Support was provided by Jordan Smith, who also tweaked the volume settings a little during the session to get it perfect. You can find out more here:

I used it as part of a lecture, which was recorded using Echo360 lecture capture. That means that the student voices (but not faces) were included in the recording. Throwing the mic out to the students, and getting them to throw it to each other, did change the dynamic in the classroom, positively. It was fun. Although I did have to be careful not to knock over coffee cups.

You can hear it in action in the Echo 360 recording below. You can hear a small amount of feedback noise in the recording, this I learned is caused by holding the Catchbox too close to the lavalier radio mic – I think solved by avoiding pointing the two mics towards each other.


Dr Robert O'Toole NTF

Senior Teaching Fellow, Arts Faculty, University of Warwick. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, National Teaching Fellow, Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence.

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