Digital Humanities certification process

  1. Check eligibility: certification is open to Arts Faculty staff and PGRS, and anyone doing research in the Faculty (e.g. joint PhDs with a supervisor in the Faculty).
  2. Register.
  3. Contact your mentor (we will get you set up with this once you have registered).
  4. Complete the capabilities, interests and needs (CIN) activity and make a plan (more information will be provided once you register).
  5. Get feedback on your plan from your mentor.
  6. Participate in at least 6 DAHL Shorts 30 minute sessions (in the FAB, in Teams, or in your own time).
  7. Participate in a Design Thinking workshop to generate project ideas.
  8. Complete a project to adopt a new tool or technique into your own work – get support from your mentor and from experts at the DAHL Cafe.
  9. Write or record a reflective article, podcast, or video about your use of digital humanities – the easiest way to do this is as an interview (we can provide an interviewer and prompting questions).
  10. Use this dashboard to access all required forms and check that you have completed each of the steps.